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Grow with Greenlink

Greenlink is a point of sale and inventory management web application designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Hand crafted in Colorado, Greenlink utilizes the React ecosystem and latest web technologies, all securely hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Our software focuses on providing fast, enjoyable and effective solutions helping you to increase productivity, remain compliant and grow your business.

Our software is available via web browser or for iOS in the Apple App Store. Currently, Greenlink supports the Colorado market. Check out the status of other markets here.

Other Markets:
  • Colorado – Supported
  • Arizona – In Process
  • California – In Process
  • Nevada – In Process
  • Alaska – Coming Soon
  • Maryland – Coming Soon
  • Massachusetts – Coming Soon
  • Michigan – Coming Soon
  • Montana – Coming Soon
  • Oklahoma – Coming Soon
  • Oregon – Coming Soon

Can the right software actually make point of sale and inventory management enjoyable?

Tiered pricing makes Greenlink more affordable

We have tiered pricing so you only get charged for the number of devices you use per location, and there are no hidden fees. We even have a free option for locations with only one device.

Support for single accounts & multiple locations

Have multiple locations for a single account? Multiple accounts for a single user? How about multiple locations for a single user? Whatever your set up, our software fits your array of devices, locations and accounts.


Use Greenlink software in your web browser or mobile App. Both give you all Greenlink features, fast page load speeds and an intuitive user experience so it’s responsive and easy for you and your staff.

Performance & flexibility - Greenlink is just easy to use

The React ecosystem with our proprietary automated data synchronization workflow allows for top performance, flexibility and speed. We make searching or scrolling through thousands of inventory items fast and enjoyable to use.

Full offline functionality

Greenlink continues to function if your internet goes down. Changes are queued locally and automatically synced in the background when the connection is restored so your data is never lost.

Greenlink supports live, application wide, updates

Updates are automatically propagated to all connected users as they occur. Audit devices as they are happening, or watch a store device from a remote location as changes or sales go through in real time.

That’s not all. Not even close.
See our full list of software features.

Get an immediate online Demo (without the sales person). If you have questions that you need answered now, contact one of our team members directly (no sales person here either).

Tiered Pricing Options

1 Device





Up to 5 Devices


$600 / month / location
First Month Free



Up to 10 Devices


$1000 / month / location
First Month Free


10+ Devices


$1200 / month / location
First Month Free


Discover how easy it is to manage your sales with our online demo. No sales appointment required. Go there now.