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Our Story

Giving you the technical edge

We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers providing cutting edge software solutions for cannabis companies of all sizes. Our goal is not only unparalleled, dedicated service to you, but to provide the best user experience and software solutions available.
At Greenlink, we believe the right understanding and technological edge leads a company toward a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our sales representatives or view a live demo.

Chris Van Emmerik

CEO & Co-founder

Chris in an entrepreneur and accomplished software engineer. He is the inventor of a patent pending and industry-leading software as a service product currently generating over one million dollars annually. As a knowledge expert in inventory tracking solutions for the highly regulated casino gaming space, Chris brings an eye for compliance and security to his software design. Witness to an industry with similar security and regulatory consciousness taking root in his home state of Colorado, he recognized the burgeoning need for specialized software products designed for cannabis enterprises.

Armed with the skills and the experience to address the unique concerns of this particular frontier, Chris developed Greenlink as a solution to meet the escalating demand of the cannabis market. Driven by the idea of designing software that empowers end-users and leveraging his background in managing development teams through rapid growth, Chris has positioned Greenlink to expand services throughout U.S. legal markets. As CEO, Chris is guided by his desire for delivering products that not only enhance profitability, but are functionally robust and intuitive to use.

Daniel Jasek

CTO & Co-founder

Daniel is an engineer at Google and an expert software architect specializing in cloud based platforms. Daniel is the creator of a micro-service architecture for an internet of things product that powers several hundred thousand connected devices. His background developing software for strictly regulated industries began alongside of CEO, Chris Van Emmerik, at a global company providing independent testing and certifications in the gaming sector. Daniel furthered his career in software security as a manager of vulnerability analysis engineers at Qualys, a leader in cloud security. These qualifications position Daniel to address the complexities of data security and regulatory accountability required of a cloud service for cannabis ventures. As a master of infrastructure and organizational solutions, Daniel is focused on building both a product and a company that is effortless to work with.