Grow Your Business with Greenlink

Software Features
Below we’ve listed some of the advantages of our software. To learn how our software can help your business grow, request a free demo or contact us here.
Affordable tiered pricing

We have tiered pricing so you only get charged for the number of devices you use per location, and there are no hidden fees.

Free Pricing Option

We even have a free option for locations with only one device. For a small dispensary that has only one physical register, you could use our software for free to run operations.

Configurable organizational structure

Whether you have multiple locations for a single account, multiple accounts for a single user or multiple locations for a single user, Greenlink fits your array of devices, locations and accounts. You can also view data for a single location or multiple locations at the same time.

Full featured mobile support

Use Greenlink software in your web browser or mobile App without sacrificing functionality. Get all features of our software, regardless of how you access it. Greenlink’s mobile app exposes the entire web application. You can run your entire dispensary from an iPad or iPhone if necessary.

Simplistic reactive design

The React ecosystem with our proprietary automated data synchronization workflow allows for top performance, flexibility and speed. Once logged in, user actions within the web application should happen near instantaneously. Things such as searching or scrolling through thousands of inventory items are fast and enjoyable to use.

Full offline functionality

Greenlink continues to function if the internet goes down or the cloud server becomes inaccessible. Changes are queued locally and are automatically synced in the background when the connection is restored.

Live application-wide updates

Updates are automatically propagated to all connected users as they occur. You can be sitting at home on your computer and watch changes/sales go through as they occur in the store. No browser refreshing is required.

Audit your Devices from Anywhere

Greenlink allows you to audit your devices and watch what is happening in the store as it happens. Essentially, you can open up one of your point of sale devices and watch as your bud-tender employee opens a cart, adds items and checks out the customer.

Immediate Live Demo/Sign-Up

Greenlink allows you to sign-up or view a demo online without having to contact a sales representative to setup a time for a demonstration. With our application, you view a demo immediately.

Automatic Data Capture

Sales are captured and reported in Real Time, which is the equivalent of seed to sale tracking with the Metrc system.

Stay in Compliance

Never worry about falling out of compliance compliance due to lagging software updates. With real time upgrades, Greenlink stays ahead of all state laws and regulations so you’re always compliant with State track-and-trace.

Fast, Easy Check-in

Check In your customers in a matter of moments with an easy-to-use Check In device providing a fast, streamlined experience so your customers never have to wait. You may also check in customers from the register if your workflow demands an alternate approach.

Easy to Learn

We’ve made our software so simple, that your staff will be proficient with it quickly and taking in sales the same day.

Specials and discounts

Offering deals to your customers? Greenlink supports pricing changes and discounts for specific products and timelines so you can manage the effectiveness of your promotions.

Track Your Data

What’s the use of gathering all of this data if it doesn’t help you grow your business. Our built-in analytics help you determine what’s working and what isn’t. Measure the performance of promotions, products, devices and more. Download your data so it helps you make the important decisions to increase sales and consumer traffic.

Dynamic Drawers

Your cash drawer’s can be individually assigned to each register or shared between multiple point of sale devices.  This can simplify your day-to-day operations and help mobilize your sales operations.

Live Metrc Reporting

Other software may give you end of day sales reporting, but Greenlink reports your sales live, as they occur. This means your sales are always up to date, enforcing the accuracy of your data and ensuring you remain in compliance.

Detailed Activity Logs

Greenlink logs every action and update made. All transactions can be retrieved and analyzed, showing you the information you need to know.

Discover how easy it is to manage your sales with our online demo. No sales appointment required. Go there now.